Virtual Meditation

Cosy Cloud at home...

We are pleased to announce that we are giving schools our permission to allow for their pupils to access Cosy Cloud in the comfort of their own home!


This will help to alleviate any COVID uncertainties and allow pupils to have a more personal space if they require this.

How to Share Cosy Cloud with your pupils

(during an online class)  

1.    Choose your meditation/visual from the Cosy Cloud library.

2.    Share your screen with your class. (google meet – presentation mode).

3.    Ensure  your  mic is on and your sound is loud enough for all children           to hear the meditation/music.

4.    Ensure all children have their mic on mute.

5.    Children can switch off their camera if that makes them feel more               comfortable.

6.    Reminder: It’s good for teachers’ own wellbeing to join in too!

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