''Our pupils have welcomed the meditations with open arms, proving that there is certainly a need for this form of practice on a regular basis. Cosy Cloud has allowed us to take a moment and escape the never ending pressures of everyday life.'' Ms Abigail Davies, Ysgol Y Strade

“They engaged extremely well, quickly becoming comfortable with the process and allowing themselves to let go of self-consciousness and anxieties” Miss N. Giant, Founder Full Circle Education

“Using Cosy Cloud at the beginning of lessons helped set a quieter atmosphere within lessons, pupils seemed less worked up and excitable. I felt it did help them become more efficient and focused on their work.” Mr Josh Williams - Cosy Cloud member

“As someone new to mindfulness and meditation, my experience with the Cosy Cloud has been utterly enlightening. The brilliantly easy to use website ensured that the experience for everyone was relaxed and smooth from the start. The perfectly designed meditations are accessible to all, and enabled students and staff alike to relax and rejuvenate, to overcome the stressors of school life and to continue the day with a composed and positive mindset. The Cosy Cloud was like a relaxation toolbox that I could rely on to support the students and staff with whatever it might be that they needed, to calm, to ease and to inspire. Students and staff embraced the Cosy Cloud meditations and I know, immensely valued the opportunity it allowed them, to stop, to breathe and to be in the moment. Thank you Cosy Cloud!” 

Ms Kathryn Baines  - Cosy Cloud member

VIDEO: meditation can benefit school staff as well as pupils. "I'm currently very concerned about the well being of staff in schools, including headteachers"

CEO of Cosy Cloud, Siwan Reynolds and Headteacher, Mari Phillips - Ysgol Y Berllan Deg 

What pupils think of meditating with Cosy Cloud

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