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Audio Guided Meditations

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Mindfulness Exercises

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Online library

Unlimited access to our library all year round and new content frequently being added. Choose a meditation from: Calming Down, Happiness, Stress & Anxiety, Concentration, Exams, Family & Friends.


No teacher training

These audio guided meditations are for teachers to provide to their pupils. From primary schools to secondary schools, colleges and F.Es. There is no need for expensive teacher training costs, simply switch on a meditation and off you go!


Anywhere, anytime

You can play meditations at anytime. Some great times to meditate are during registration, at the end of school days, before exam seasons, during detention and at the beginning of any lesson. Durations range from 4 - 20 min.


Mindfulness and meditation has been shown to:

  • Promote improvements in focus and attention, exam results and mental health

  • Promote an increase in levels of happiness and confidence

  • Help decrease absenteeism rates and academic stress

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